- Joseph Pilates at age 57


Pilates isnt just a form of exercise, its a WAY OF LIFE  

The Pilates method was created over 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates. 

Pilates is a physical method of exercise that incorporates the mind and body and also nurtures the spirit. Pilates focuses on core strength thereby moving the body from the inside out. In order to do Pilates your mind needs to work with your body to help re-align movement patterns. The Pilates method is often referred to as intelligent exercise, meaning the mind is fully engaged and present to work the body in the most effective way. Through Pilates you gain a kinesthetic awareness of your body and core, which you can then integrate in your daily life. 

The Pilates Method uses both mat work (done on the floor) as well as equipment that Joseph Pilates created to get the maximum benefits from the work. The Pilates equipment uses a system of springs and straps instead of weights. This non-impact system creates progressive resistance, thereby producing balanced muscle work. Mat work is done by using one's body weight and gravity to strengthen the core or centre of the body.  

Sense of Motion follows the Body Arts and Science approach which upholds the standards of Joseph Pilates and teaches the essence of his philosophies including posture, body alignment, breath, control, balance, flow and strength from within.